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  • On-site Auto Repair Evaluation
  • Get Rid of Auto Repair Anxiety

My Certified Mechanic™ comes to your location to evaluate your car/truck repair issue. We then hand pick a My Certified Mechanic™ repair shop or mechanic for you without any additional evaluation charges from the repair shop or mechanic. If you have any issues and don’t feel right about our My Certified Mechanic™ repair shop or mechanic we will intervene. We make sure the repair job is done properly and that you are charged correctly, saving you time and money. 

Our 40+ years of knowledge:

  • Owning Repair Shops
  • Snap-on Tools Technical Rep
  • National Automotive Diagnostic Institute of Training
  • Training Dealerships & Independent Repair Shops Nationally

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Maintenance Services

Today’s vehicles have different maintenance needs.

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Diagnostic Services


Get the correct repair! We save you time and money by diagnosing.


Why Choose Us


We Test, We Don’t Guess. Whether you have a Check Engine Light, Service Engine Soon, Airbag, TPMS or other lights on in your dash My Certified Mechanic™ has you covered.

Car Repair

Talking to one of our My Certified Mechanic™ can save you thousands of dollars compared to some starry eyed service writer whose job is to sell you things you don’t need.

Used Car / Travel Checkup

Used car lot states “We did a 265 point inspection.” They are selling the car and out to maximize profits do you really think they fixed ALL the issues? Getting ready to travel, lets make sure your vehicle is safe.

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