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We know the women in America (for the most part) control the purse strings in most families. We also know that you talk amongst yourselves asking where to find an honest mechanic with integrity. Now here comes the big letdown, unbeknownst to most who feel they aren’t getting ripped off, they in fact are. They can be taken advantage of by a slick service writer or whomever is running the front counter. We know, we have done the research by traveling the country and have seen it quite often.

We have hand picked for you the best mechanics in America, make sure you ask for them and tell them we sent you. If you are having to wait 2-3 weeks to get your vehicle looked at and wondering if it’s okay to drive, lets talk. 

When you use one of our certified mechanics/shops or mobile services we are with you every step of the way to make sure the work being performed is in fact correct and you are charged correctly.

Don’t be a Samuel! Samuel went in for a $65 oil change and came out with a $3,000 auto repair bill. We tested Samuels old parts; they did not need replacing.

Shops spend thousands of dollars learning how to increase your repair ticket, we are okay with that ONLY when the work is truly needed or the manufacturer recommends it.

My Certified Mechanic™ is national and has what it takes to be your only alternative for automotive diagnostics and repair.

We offer you a unique set of services unmatched by anyone. Your vehicle is our number one priority.

40+ years of knowledge in owning repairs shops, training diagnostics, technical and proper business procedures to dealerships, independent repair shops, franchisees and thousands of mechanics across the nation.

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Diagnostic Services


Saving you time and money by testing, not guessing on your vehicles repair.


Maintenance Services

Today’s vehicles have different maintenance needs.


Why Choose Us


Whether you have a Check Engine Light, Service Engine Soon, Airbag, TPMS or other lights on in your dash My Certified Mechanic™ has you covered.

Car Repair

Talking to My Certified Mechanic™ can save you thousands of dollars compared to some starry eyed service writer whose job is to sell you things you don’t need.

Used Car / Travel Checkup

Used car lot states “We did a 265 point inspection.” They are selling the car and out to maximize profits do you really think they fixed ALL the issues? Getting ready to travel, lets make sure your vehicle is safe.

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