“Multiple auto repair shops said a new engine was needed for our Isuzu box truck and bid at $13,000, when the engine was okay. The turbo was replaced saving us thousands!” – Servpro

The shop couldn’t figure out what the problem was but within 15 minutes you nailed the problem. I only wish I had called you before I took it to such an incompetent shop.” – Farmer, Brad P

Thank you, Marv! I’m sending EVERYONE to you about their auto repair needs! After having been told by 2 or 3 other “professionals” that my car needed a new engine and high-priced quotes, YOU diagnosed and fixed my car without having to replace the engine at all AND at a reasonable price! I definitely saved money and time! I appreciate that you took the time to research and inform me of the details as well! Overall, I am 100% satisfied and have peace of mind! THANK YOU!!! – Health care provider, – Toni B

Thank you so much for steering me to your Preferred Repair Facility the other day when I was experiencing an issue with my car! I was at a loss as to what to do, I didn’t have a clue where to go and then I remembered I could call you for some info on the best place in town. Your advice was perfect! He not only welcomed me right into his shop, but he also had me back on the road in a blink of an eye! Thank you again for being there for me and for your amazing service. I feel much more confident traveling alone knowing you are only a call away! – Middle school counselor, – Suzanne R

I had just spent over $700 at a dealership and wasn’t feeling right about the cost. You had me take my car back to get my money back and have them put the old parts back on. You then helped me to repair the system properly saving me $600. – JJ

Peace of mind, knowing that the money I was going to spend was not going to go to unneeded repair work and that I was going to get what I paid for. – Beth T